Registration Number : I19045922PTC

A balance Calcium and Phosphorous supplements plus vitamin D3 for supporting skeletal health, eggshell quality, and flock uniformity

• Good solubility
• A balance calcium and phosphorous supplements
• Orthophosphoric Acid phosphorous with 95% bioviability
• Enriched with vitamin D3 for absorption, metabolism and mobilization of minerals
• Enriched with propylgallate as antioxidant

Each litre contain
• Calcium 17.000 mg
• Phosphorous 34.000 mg (Orthophosphoric Acid)
• Vitamin D3 2.000.000 IU
• Propylgallate 500 mg

• Supports skeletal health
• Improves flock uniformity
• Support of laying performance
• Decrease losses from cage fatigue, uterus prolapse, breast blisters, and leg problems
• Quick solution to egg shell problems

General dosage : 1 ml per litre drinking water
• Layer and Breeder
Dosage 0,6 ml per litre drinking water
Preventive once a week from week 36 to the end of laying period
Administer for 3 days in case of egg shell quality problems

• Broiler and Turkey
Dosage 1 ml per litre drinking water
Days 7-10
Days 20-23

1 Litre

Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight