Registration Number : KEMENTAN RI No. I. 21127219 PKC

Indupart is a safe & effective sintetic prostaglandin hormon

• Effective (contains D-cloprostenol with potency 3,5X compared with Cloprostenol rasemat)
• Low dosage
• Save (easier tolerated by animal)
• Completed with antiseptic to protect abces in the injection site
• Not irritant when injected
• Withdrawal time 0 day

D-cloprostenol 75 Ug/ml ; chlorocresol 1 mg/ml

• Synchronisation or induction of oestrus • Ovarian dysfunction (Persistent Corpus luteum, luteal cyst) • Endometritis / pyometra • Delayed unterine invlution • Induction of abortionin the first half of pregnancy or induction of parturition • Expulsion of mummufied foetuses

Cattle : Injected im 2 ml/animal
Synchronisation of oestrus : administer the productd twice with an interval of 11 days. Proceed therefore with 2 artificial insemination at 72-96 hours from the second injection.
Induction of oestrus : injected on the 6th-18th day of the cycle, heat usually apprear within 48-60 hours. Proceed therefore with insemination 72-96 hours after injection. If oestrus is not evident, repeat the administration 11 days after the first injection.
Induction of parturition after day 270 of gestation : administer the product after 270 days of pregnancy. Birth usually results within 30-60 days after treatment CLP : injected, then inseminate at the first oestrus after injection. If oestrus is not evident, conduct a further gynaecological examination, and repeat the injection 11 days after the first administration. Insemination must always be carried out 72-96 hours after injection
Endometritis : injected 1 dose, if necessary repeat the treatment after 10 days Induction of abortion in the first half of pregnancy (until day 150 of pregnancy) : administer in the first half of pregnancy Expulsion of mummified foetus : injected 1 dose. Expulsion of the foetus is observed within 3-4 days after administration of the product
Sows : administer 1 ml by intramuscular route, not earlier than 114 days of pregnancy. Repeat after 6 hours. Alternatively, 20 hours after the initial dose, a myometrial stimulant (oxytocin) may be administered. Following the protocol of the double administration, approximately 70-80% of the animals will give birth during the interval between 20 and 30 hours after the first administration
Horse : injected 1 ml/animal

Vial 20 ml


Keep int the cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Product could be used 2 years after production, and should be finished within 28 days after opened