Registration Number : I. 1603881 PTS.2

Nopstress Yellow or Nopstress TF (Tropical Formula) is a water soluble combination of multivitamin and electrolytes to combat stress.
Mode of action : Replace the body liquid loss caused by stress

• The compostion of the electrolytes in Nopstress is similar to the intracellular liquid, improve the electrolytes imbalance caused by stress (stress treatment)
• The composition of vitamin will increase appetite and the perofrmance will recovery.
• The balance of the electrolytes will maximize the antibiotic act.

Each kg of Nopstress TF contains :
Vitamin A 12.000.000 USP Unit
Vitamin D3 4.000.000 IC Unit
Vitamin E 2.500 IU
Vitamin B12 10 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin) 1.500 mg
Folic Acid 200 mg
Vitamin C (Abcorbic Acid) 40.000 mg
Menadion Sodium Bisulfite (source of Vitamin K) 7.500 mg
Electrolytes : Sodium, Potasium, Magnesium and Calcium in chlorida, asetat and diasetat salts

• Controling stress caused by diseases, vaccination, debeaking, transportation, climate changing and mechanical factor especially in tropical area
• Should be given during stress in poultry
• Maintain optimal egg production
• Health improvement during recovery

• Mix 1 gram Nopstress TF with 2,5-3 liter drinking water stir it
• Administer to the poultry during stress
• Administer 2 days before vaccination and e days after vaccination
• Mix a fresh solution every day

1 Kg
25 Kg (@1 Kg)

Store in cool and dry place