Registration Number : I. 20046390 PKS

Soludox is broad spectrum antibiotic with Solustab formulation that ensures the safety of drinking water lines

• Contains tartaric acid :
- Acidifying agent that buffers at a pH around 6
- Increase solubility
- High buffering capacity, maintain the stability of Doxyxycline
- Does not form a biofilm in drinking water lines

Broad spectrum antibiotic for Mycoplasma, Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria

• Good absorption from the gastrointestinal tract

• Widely tissue distributed in the organism

• No interaction with Calcium in feed

Doxyxycline hyclate 500 mg/g

For the treatment of bacterial infections of gram positive, gram negative and Mycoplasma, Chlamydiae, Ricketsias

• Swine : 25 mg/ kg body weight/ day for 4 continous days. Given twice a day

• Chicken : 20 mg Soludox/ kg body weight/ day for 3-5 continous days. 40 mg Soludox/ kg body weight/ day for 3-4 continous days for ORT. Given for 12 hours.

• Turkey : 58 mg Soludox/ kg body weight/ day for 5 continous days. Given for 12 hours

Withdrawal time : 4 days for swine, 3 days (dose 20 mg Soludox/ kg BW/ day) and 9 days (dose 40 mg Soludox/ kg BW/ day) for chicken, 12 days for turkey

Aluminium foil 1 Kg

Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight