About Us

Based on the aim of improving the health of farm animals, PT SHS International was established in 2007. PT SHS International is engaged in distributing and producing animal health products. PT SHS International offers various types of quality products that are useful to overcome various health problems that exist in livestock.

Distribution Network

PT SHS International attempts to reach all parts of Indonesia region by expanding its distribution network. It is operated to ensure that our products can benefit farmers to increase their livestock yields. Our products provided to cover various animal types, especially large animals, poultry, and pets. In addition to our broad coverage, we also understood that our team is one of the keys to help farmers in improving the health of their animals. With sustainable training, we provide a capable team assisting our customers.

Featured Product

The animal health products that we offer include vaccines, medicines, feed additives, disinfectants, and environmental hygiene products. PT SHS International cooperates with various domestic and international companies in procuring quality animal health products. The products distributed by PT SHS International are selected products that have gone through a series of trial processes to help the improvement of farm animal health.
Animal health products distributed by PT SHS International are products that have been officially registered. Therefore, the product's authenticity and usefulness are guaranteed.
In line with the above, we also invite farmers to explore our website, www.shs.co.id, to enable the farmers to choose products that suit to their needs.