Registration Number : I.12092082 PTC.2

Biogreen is tonicum solution to enhance the performance by regeneration the liver, spleen function.
Mode of action :
• Lysine is an essencial amino acid, to create the collagen and keratin.
• Sorbitol will stimulate the secretion of bile.
• As sweetener that increase the stamina

• Stimulate digestive, optimize growth and production
• Improvement physiology system in the body :
Clean the uric acid in the heart, liver and joint system due to the excess uric acid in the blood, stimulate kidney action, clean uric acid that may caused death of the animal.
• Controling uric acid metabolism will optimize body weight.
• Prevent diarrhea
• Stimulate fisiology system during stress, recovery, hot climate, fast growth
• Stimulate heart function to clear the toxin and drug metabolite
• Decrease stress

Each 100 ml contains :
Lysine 2.0 gram, Sorbitol 60 gram and vegetable extract ad 6,5 ml

Cattle, sheep, goat, pig, poultry, dog and cat :
• Regulation liver, digestive and urinary system
• Treatment of indigestion after overfeeding, toxicity, high nitrogen diet.
• Anorexia, asthenia, constipation
• Lack of body liquid
• Enhance meat and egg production in poultry
• Enhance the feather of pigeon

Poultry, rabbit, squirel and pet animal :
• Regeneration of liver and kidney function after diet of medicinal treatment (especially antibiotic).
• Nephritis
• Fat Degeneration in layer
• Prevention and treatment of “heat shock”
• Stimulate water intake during peak production in layer and enhance metabolism function in general.

Mix with drinking water with the dosage of :
Poultry : 1 ml / 1-2 liter of drinking water
Pigeon :1-2 ml / 1 liter of drinking water every 20 birds
Cattle :50-80 ml per cattle
Dairy cattle :30 ml per cattle
Fattening pig :15-30 ml per pig
Sow :45 ml per pig
Dog :5-15 ml per dog
Cat :2,5-5 ml per cat
To be given for 5 continuous days Contra indication : No
Withdrawal time : 0 day for meat, milk and egg

• 100 ml
• 1 liter

Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight