Registration Number : I. 13044498 PKS

Cefking is an antibiotic injection of the third generation cephalosporin class with zero withdrawal time

- Can kill bacteria that are resistant to produce Betalaktamase such as Staphylococcus sp
- Easily mixed and given because cefking very stable and very soluble so rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the body
- Safe to use in conjunction with the Marek vaccine because they no cytotoxic effect on CEF cells
- No residual effect / zero withdrawal time

Each gram of cefking contains :
Ceftiofur 1.000 mg

To treat infections caused by gram positive and negative bacterial:
- Poultry : Colibasillosis, Leg problem, Coryza, Salmonellosis, Kolera, etc)
- Cattle : to treat respiratory disease (Shipping fever, bacterial pneumonia, etc)
- Pig : to treat respiratory disease (Pleuropneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, etc)

Mix 1 gram cefking in 20 ml steril water and given with dosage :
- Poultry (DOC) : 0,08 - 0,2 mg/ animal Subcutan
- Cattle : 1 ml/ 50 kg BW Subcutan, should be given 3-5 days consecutively.
- Pig : 0,6 - 1 ml/ 10 kg BW Subcutan, should be given 3-5 days consecutively.

Withdrawal time: 0 days

4 gram

Store at cool and dry place. Protect from sunlight