Registration Number : D. 21034009 PKC.1

Broad spectrum anthelmintic for nematode

• Safe
• Good absorbtion
• Good solubility
• Only one time treatment
• Killed larvae and adult worms
• Broad spectrum for all nematode worms

Levamisol 10%

Treatment of nematode such as :
Cattle/sheep : Dictyocaulus spp; Protostrongylus spp; Haemonchus spp; Trihosstrongylus spp;Ostertagia spp; Cooperia spp; Nematodirus spp; Bunostomum spp;Oesophagostomum spp; Strongyloides spp; Chabertia spp; Toxocara vitulorum;Ascaris spp; Hyostrongylus spp; Trichuris spp.
Swine:Trichuris spp., Ascaris spp., Metastrongylus sp.
Poultry :Ascaris sp, Heterakis sp., Capillaria sp.

Administer in drinking water one day treatment with the dosage :
Cattle : 1 ml / 10 kg BW
Swine : 1 ml / 10 kg BW
Poultry : 2-4 ml / 10 kg BW

Bottle of 1 liter, can of 5 Liter

Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight