Registration Number : I. 19123753PKC.1

A injection againts for ecto and endoparasite

• Broad spectrum for ectoparasit or endoparasit
• Be able to be used in the various of animal species
• Remains working during 14-28 days
• To kill stadium larvae and mature worms
• Secure

Ivermectin 10 mg/ml

Treatment of ectoparasite (mite, fleas, etc) and endoparasite (worm)
contra-indication : Do not throw the bottle in the fish pond

Injected subcutaneous with the dosage for:
Cattle and sheep : 1 ml per 50 kg BW
Swine : 3 ml per 100 kg BW
Withdrawal time :
Milk : 60 hours
Beef : 35 days
Pork : 28 days
Mutton : 42 days

100 ml/Glass bottle

Store at cool and dry place. Protect from sunlight