Registration Number : I. 1505490 PKM.4

Water soluble antibiotic of macrolide class for treatment of Necrotic Enteritis

Mode of action : inhibition of bacterial protein biosynthesis

• MIC90 dosage against Clostridium perfringen is very low

• Inhibiting the release of bacterial's toxin

• No cross-resistance to other intestinal bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella sp

• Has a good pharmacokinetic on the digestive tract

Tylosin tartrate 100 %

To control or treatment of Clostridium perfringen infection (Necrotic Enteritis)

Pour Tylan soluble on drinking water and wait until dissolved with the dosage of 20 - 50 mg/kg body weight, administer 12 hours/day and should be used for 5 days consecutively.

Withdrawal time:

Meat : 0 day

Egg : 0 day

100 g / bottle

1 Kg / aluminium foil

Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight